My Favourite Book

My favourite book is «Robinson Crusoe»by Daniel Defoe. D. Defoe (1660—1731)was a great master of realistic detail.The novel «Robinson Crusoe» waswritten in 1719. The novel is praise tohuman labour and the triumph of man over nature. Defoe shows the development of hishero. At the beginning of the story wesee an inexperienced youth, a ratherfrivolous boy, who then becomes astrong-willed man. Robinson Crusoe’s most characteristictrait is his optimism. His guidingprinciple in life become «never say die»and «in trouble to be troubled is tohave your troubles doubled». He had confidence in himself and inman. He believed it was within thepower of man to overcome alldifficulties. Crusoe was an enthusiasticworker and always hoped for the best. Defoe is a writer of the Enlightenment.He teaches people how to live, he triesto teach what’s good and what’s bad.His novel «Robinson Crusoe» is not onlya work of fiction, an account ofadventures, a biography and an educational pamphlet. It is a study of man, a great workshowing man in relation to nature andcivilization as well as in relation tolabour and private property.

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