>Fat, slick, round-faced men, of the sort who haunt barber shops and a~ always having their shoes shined. Tall, gloomy, Gothic men, with eyebrow that meet over their noses and bunches of black, curly hair in their earMen wearing diamond solitaires, fraternal order watch chains, golden elks’ heads with rubies for eyes. Men with thick, loose lips and shifty eye-Men smoking pale, spotted cigars. Men who do not know what to do with their hands when they talk to women. Honourable, upright, successful nr who seduce their stenographers and are kind to their dear old mothers.Men who allow their wives to dress like chorus girls. White-faced, scared-looking, yellow-eyed men who belong to societies for the suppression of viceMen who boast that they neither drink nor smoke. Men who mop their bal heads with perfumed handkerchiefs. Men with drawn, mottled faces, in the last stages of arteriosclerosis. Silent, stupid-looking men in thick tweed who tramp up and down the decks of ocean steamers. Men who peep out о hotel rooms at Swedish chambermaids. Men who go to church on Sunday morning, carrying Oxford Bibles under their arms.Men in dress coats too tight under the arms. Tea-drinking men. Loud, back-slapping men, gabbling endlessly about baseball players. Men who have never heard of Mozart. Tired businessmen with fat, glittering wives. Men who know what to do when children are sick.Men who believe that any woman who smokes is a prostitute. Yellow, diabetic men. Men whose veins are on the outside of their noses. Now and then a clean, clear-eyed, upstanding man. Once a week or so a man with good shoulders, straight legs and a hard, resolute mouth….

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