>Fat, slick, round-faced men, of the sort who haunt barber shops and a~ always having their shoes shined. Tall, gloomy, Gothic men, with eyebrow that meet over their noses and bunches of black, curly hair in their earMen wearing diamond solitaires, fraternal order watch chains, golden elks’ heads with rubies for eyes. Men with thick, loose (далее…)

How Good Looks Can Guarantee Lifetime of Opportunity

>Beauty is far more than skin deep, according to a leading scientist.Good looks can smooth the way to a better education and well-paid job as well as getting the best out of others.Attractive men and women reap benefits from their appearances all through their lives, says psychologist Dr Nancy Etcoff.Bonny babies get preferential treatment over plain (далее…)


Fat women with flabby, double chins. Moon-faced, pop-eyed women in little flat hats. Women with starchy faces and thin vermilion lips.Man-shy, suspicious women, shrinking into their clothes every time a wet, caressing eye alights upon them. Women soured and robbed of their souls by Christian Endeavour. Women who would probably be members of Conference if they (далее…)


>Babies smelling of camomile tea, cologne water, wet laundry, dog soap. Babies who appear old, disillusioned and tired of life at six months. Babies that cry «Papa!» to blushing youths of nineteen or twenty at church picnics.Fat babies whose earlobes turn out at an angle of forty-five degrees. Soft babies asleep in perambulators, the sun shining (далее…)