I Want to be a Doctor

There are many interesting and noble professions. I want to be a doctor. It is an interesting profession.

I understand that it is necessary to study a lot to become a doctor. I also understand that this profession requires great responsibility because it deals with the most precious thing that a person has &mdash with his health.

My (далее…)

I Want to be a Journalist

I decided to be a journalist. I think it is an interesting and useful profession.

I like to watch TV, listen to the radio, read newspapers and magazines. I like everything which connected with mass media.

I have a hobby. My friends and I are publishing a small newspaper once a month in our school. We write articles (далее…)

How do I Learn English

Nowadays it&#39s very necessary to know a foreign language. Knowledge of foreign language helps us to develop friendship and understanding among people.

The total number of languages in the world is from 2500 to 5000. English is spoken all over the world and very popular. There is a proverb: &laquoKnowledge is Power&raquo I agree with it.

I study (далее…)

I Want to be an Interpreter


I want to be an interpreter. It is an interesting and useful profession.

My parents have a large library and they taught me to like books. I like reading books.

My favourite subjects in school are English, Literature, Geography and History. My favourite English and American writers are Shakespeare, Dickens, Walter Scott, Jack London, Mark Twain.

Once at the (далее…)

Оби тоза

Ифлосшавии обхо дар натичаи фаъолияти корхонахои саноати, кишоварзи, хочаги-рўзгор, садамахо ва дигар омилхо ба вучуд меоянд. Ин обхо ба шарофати корхонахои саноати бемайлон ба дарачаи баланд ифлос карда шудаанд…..

Иктисодиёт ва хочагии халки Мовароуннахру Хуросон дар асрхи 9-10

Иқтисодиёт дар ҳар давру замон яке аз воситаҳои асосии пешрафти ҷомеа ва беҳдошти сатҳи зиндагии мардум ба шумор меравад. Муттаҳид шудани Хуросону Мовароуннаҳр ба як маркази ягона ва тадбирҳои андешидаи Тоҳириён, хусусан Сомониён барои инкишофи иқтисодиёти кишвар заминаҳо ба вуҷуд овард. Дар ин замон дар Шарқ вилоятҳои Мовароуннаҳру Хуросон аз лиҳози иктисодиёт тараққӣ карда буд. Ба (далее…)